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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Wound that stretches in tune with a trumpet 

that scratches the second face 

I have hidden on my sleeve.

A cat curious as me at night

while I look at strangers 

that could potentially 

Be friends. 

A small little fish 

that forgets its existence

swimming around a sea of 0,5 square meters

just like me and just like the cat

-trapped, forgetful and curious.

I have all the seasons in my room 

my insides are blossoming 

and my breath like rain

is splashing on the floor.

I am the kind of woman 

that leaves some food on the table

before you come home.

I have a different power inside me.

I am a woman,

and I blossom... 

and I blossom...

My eyes speak truth and my lips 

give birth to words that burn

my lovers down to the filter.

And for the first time tonight I prayed,

for I have name Her 

The Mother

and she is all I want to be.

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