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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Bukowski, Cash and Dylan

whiskey, twisted cigarettes and Thai take away

How much can fit inside a room?

boxes, armchairs, carpets and glasses.

I count them on my fingers, weight them, bump into them

all based in the laws of physics

- space and volume. 

The sheets on which you laid upon.

the mirrors that showed you forms and figures

-forms that meant to replace your emotional loss. 

The lips of glasses you used to bite. 

-body movements as the expression of an inner void.

Repeated patterns of disorders - food for my poetry. 

The plumes of countless cigarettes, 

that offered the necessary filling for my insides.

Background noise that comes from the TV

Content: Chlamydia and young people in excitement

-reality show for cowards.

Your manhood spread all over like an octopus

expanding his 8 legs.

Open legs, so that your testosterone can get some air. 

a packet of cigarettes, 

a mobile phone, 


and a cotton swab

all in line: from the largest to the smallest object

absolute symmetry of declining placement.

I walk naked to the shower,

winking to your manhood

while you remain

looking at me with your legs wide open. 

I pass through you like a ghost,

ghost as you are.

Just like if I never existed

-just like you never existed too.

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