“My pussy, my choice!”

“Pussy power!”

“Eat pussy, it's organic!”

Our pussies are all the talk, but mostly in empty platitudes. What about when the riots are over, and we are back home, alone in front of our mirror, looking between our legs at our own? In that moment, our pussies stop being this radical ‘thing’ on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and it becomes a deeply intimate, totally unique reminder of all the experiences that make us undeniably, woman.

Perhaps it’s a memory of love, or an excuse for it, telling you that you are "too fat down there". Or maybe it’s a scar reminding you of the night you ‘accidentally’ cut yourself while trying to get rid of loose hairs. Maybe you wonder why yours is not as pink, or as delicate, or as smooth. Maybe after you gave birth, your feelings about it became mixed, as trauma was planted between your legs. Maybe you were not born with it. You gave it to yourself as the most precious gift, perfectly designed by you.

Maybe you simply adore it, and every little or big thing that is capable of doing.

No matter what your story, it is yours. And it's okay. It's OKAY.

This Women's Day, I want to celebrate the womanly truths behind stories hidden between labias and thighs.

I present to you, Talking Pussies: a collection of clay miniature pussies, and the stories of many women who all answer the simple question: "How do you feel about your pussy?"

Each Talking Pussy is available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the organization Trans United Europe, that creates safe spaces for trans POC and cooperates with social workers, lawyers and mental health services for migrants from colonies, diaspora, or refugee backgrounds.

Read more about their story and vision here.

Go ahead and grab one. Don’t worry, a few brave women have given us permission.


"I feel great about my pussy! She's been my friend for a while now and I'm so grateful I have her."




"Every time I am about to give up or feel hopeless, I unconsciously caress my scar and remind myself that shiny armors have never been used in battlefields; so I do what my pussy taught me best: be a warrior."




"My pussy forced me to find my better self."



"Dear Pussy, I fucking love you. Vagina, vulva, pussy, cunt and twat, the saddest part of womanhood, is that you’ve probably heard the lot."




"My pussy is not a mystery! She’s familiar, a close friend."




"At the age when understanding my sexuality, I knew mine was different to most. I was really cautious who I was opening my legs to."




"If my pussy could talk, she’d say to judgy people to go fuck off."




"I would not like for it to be different and I have never been shamed but rather loved about it."




"But as I’m trying to be an independent woman who priorities self love, I accept my whole structure as a woman."




"I designed my own pussy. Paid a good amount of money to get it between my legs. I love it like a mother loves its child."




"It took around 20 years to accept the looks of my pussy. The first man I slept with, made a fool out of me, by saying to everyone we know, how ugly my vagina is." 


"Too bad that showing it to the world is stigmatizing, otherwise I definitely would do it all day long!"




"I would not like to be different down there. I am very comfortable with it."




"Sometimes I'm hyper-protective because I think she is gentle and soft and that you need to take care of her, but that's not completely true, she is strong and independent."




"We became even better friends after giving birth, although she trolls me with camel toe”




"We don't talk with my pussy everyday but the relationship is solid and is adored by many."



"The magic of nature is the difference and my mama said once that beauty is hidden in imperfection and I always listen to mama."




"There are these times that I feel I have the prettiest pussy in the world, exciting odeur and fatty."



"I love my pussy and I am very cautious cause I consider it high maintenance and I am always afraid it will "break"



"Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. I’m still trying to feel connected with it."




"Me and her have a weird relationship, I never acknowledged looked or cared about that side of me often hidden by the sun."




"I love my long lips because they're very soft. And if man brag about their size, why can't I”




"Finally I’m feeling free to open my legs without worrying about anything!"




"She is communicative, pretty, and fun and present when I’m feeling down, just like a best friend should be."




"During puberty, my curiosity led me to watching porn, where I would observe all those other pussies, that looked nothing like mine. That does makes something crack inside of you"




"If I was ever to date again and someone had something bad to say about my flower I'd change my partner before I change my pussy hahaha."




"Now as I sit here, looking down at you, all I want to say is that, I fucking love you. I promise to always listen, and let you do your thing, I’m excited for our future, and the life you will one day bring."