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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Instead of 45

the scale shows

around 60

popping pills for weight loss

while squeezing those hips

inside the body shaper 

120 Glorious

I like to drink and

I like to eat

I like my whiskey straight 

I like my tits petite. 

Scrolling down on the screen 

looking at myself with the left eye in the mirror

trying to appreciate beauty 

without reducing mine 

my dress shows the belly

my jaw lacks of shape

I hate those veins on my cheeks

my pants are leaving 

marks on my skin

and my arms are too big

for a woman?

How can you love something

that you see it everyday growing bigger

or smaller

or flatter 

or softer than you would like it to be tighter

or wider where it should be rounder

how can you love something

when everything around 

lets you believe that 

you need to work on a better version

than what you already are. 

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