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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

My mother with a very certain affection

teached me how

to do the groceries 

and how

to clean the floor 

like the greek woman I am

and how 

to keep myself safe 

locking the door 

two and three times

stacking chairs behind the door knot

making sure the invaders will not be 

successful this time.


the groceries were always wrong 

according to the list

I never cleaned the floor

the way she liked me to

making sure that my steps are always 

visible on the dust


I managed to forget the door unlocked 

letting my belongings become a gift

for the ones that lacked affection

As we speak, I still don’t get things quite right

I can not but wonder why

she would comment on my thighs

I can not but wonder what

have I done wrong 

and I can not keep 

a mother satisfied

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