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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I know a woman that likes to be alone in her room. 

I sometimes watch her from the half shut curtain inside her little universe.

Have you ever imagined the fullness of a woman alone?

There is a certain beauty that can only be captured if she can’t see you.

One of these nights I saw light coming out of her window

I said

“I will just have a quick look, she will never find out”

A room full of plants, because she needs to feel needed.

A room full of smoke, full of candle lights and Dior perfume. 

She is sensually moving her two hips, marked by a man’s passion.

Standing in front of her mirror, trying to fall in love with herself

since no one else does. 

Her satin pink robe, wrinkles on the curves of her tits

while I try to imagine the smell of her skin

and her thick black hair.

I said “A woman alone can make you fall in love”

and then

she lays on the floor and I can hear 

music coming out of that window

while she is rubbing her back on the soft carpet 

and flowers are blossoming between her thighs.

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