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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I am riding high

at 10:30 on a Friday night

“Have a puff, it’s the Super Glory Dragon Haze”

he said

and I had the whole thing, and here I am

in an unspeakable excitement

riding and thinking of 


riding and thinking of 

Dorothy Parker

and my difficulty to write 

about happy women

it’s spring and it is 3 degrees 

the Dutchies are out 

the Greeks are out 

that one junky I bump into 


is also out 

everyone in ecstasy 

for the celebrational Friday 

and their ability to ignore 

well dressed women 

and their blue legs 

that stand proud 

against the rain and humidity 

of this shitty town 

The ATMs are full

the money comes out

the money comes in 

I keep riding high 

and I am thinking of new poems

while stressing for knowing that

when I will finally get that pen and paper

all the ideas will be gone 

But what matters is that high moment

of discovery and inspiration

and that almost stimulating feeling 

knowing that no one around me 

is thinking of 


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