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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I have to do the necessary 

weekly groceries

that will be thrown away

on Wednesday

because of my unfair


for delivery

The street is filled with 


orchestras riding bikes

with 7 seats

Indian guitarists

and lazy dogs

We are all masturbating

inside our bubble 

of perfection 

and we love it. 

I am walking carrying

an eco friendly bag

containing 500gr octopus

preslei, one onion


Vitamin D substitutes

We made it!

Mother, we made it!

Here we are

in Europe,

with our taxes paid

our insurance protecting

us from the shadow

of death

with our recycled boxes

and the happy homeless

that just want our attention

and not our money

With our payrolls

under control

and our soldiers 

killing far AWAY from HERE

We made it!

With our streets clean 

and our people dirty

with our streets flat 

and our people too. 

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